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Treatment for Split Ends

treatment for hair breakageDry hair is unhealthy hair. It lacks the natural moisturizers necessary for strength and shine. For this reason, dry hair suffers split ends easily. No matter how many hair care products you use, it seems you can’t get rid of that dry, split hair.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. New hair treatment for dry hair and split ends is available for those with even the most severe hair breakage.

But before we talk about this new hair care product, we should discuss preventative measures you should currently be taking.

Picking at Split Ends

repair hair breakage It doesn’t matter which hair care product you use; if you can’t stop picking at split ends, they’ll never go away. You need to focus on being gentle to your hair.

First, you should never comb your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair stretches too easily. This unnatural stretching causes it to break at the ends. Only comb your hair gently when it’s completely dry.

Furthermore, take extra care when drying your hair. Towel drying can be rough on the hair as it strips away natural moisturizers. Blow drying, on the other hand, is dangerous if used without a protective product on your hair. The solution: pat dry your hair with a towel to avoid friction and hair breakage.

Treatment for Split Ends

Now that we’ve discussed basic hair care techniques, we can talk about hair treatment for dry hair and split ends. H2-Ion is the newest, most effective split ends treatment on the market. Our tests showed it outperformed every similar hair care product available.

H2-Ion contains natural ingredients designed to strengthen your hair, but that’s not all. To further improve the effectiveness of these ingredients, H2-Ion uses the heat from your blow dryer to enact the treatment. The result is a healthy head of hair that is free of split ends. The natural ingredients of shea butter, wheat protein, and pure jojoba keep your hair healthy and moisturized. We recommend it to all those who suffer from dry hair with split ends.