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Hair Breakage Repair

top hair breakage repair products If your hair is breaking off in clumps, you may find it overwhelming and feel it is virtually impossible to repair hair breakage. Harsh chemical treatments, intense heat-styling, and improper grooming are often the cause of hair breakage. This can put a damper on your appearance as well as your self-image. But you can easily repair hair breakage and restore your natural beauty with a few simple techniques.

Repair Hair Breakage by Changing Your Regimen

The first steps you take to repair hair breakage lie within changing your hair care regimen. If you are using chemicals to perm, relax, or dye your hair, try limiting their use to once every 8-10 weeks. This puts less stress on your hair and gives it time to recover between treatments. Also, be sure to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners along with soft brushes and wide-tooth combs. Additionally, limit the use of hot curlers and dryers on high settings. Opting for cooler temperatures for daily maintenance and higher temperatures occasionally will help protect your hair's natural bonds. Lastly, trimming your hair regularly will stop split ends from spreading to the roots of your hair strands. These few adjustments along with an effective hair breakage product will help you to repair hair breakage in no time.

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Repair Hair Breakage With Proper Nutrition

In some cases, a simple change in diet is all that is necessary to repair hair breakage. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, essential fatty acids and whole grains can dramatically effect the condition of your hair. You may also want to try taking vitamins E & B or, even better, a multivitamin. It will take a long time to see significant results, but with this method you'll be working to repair hair breakage from the inside out.