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How to Prevent Split Ends

best way to prevent split endsPrevention is the key to getting rid of split ends. Once you have them, it can be a pin to get rid of them. But if you take the steps necessary to avoid split ends, you can say goodbye to split ends once and for all. Read this article to learn how to prevent split ends from ruining your appearance.

Prevent Split Ends

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Many of us are guilty of doing things on a daily basis that harm our hair. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize the consequences of our actions.

  • Don’t Brush when Wet- One of the first things many people do when they get out of the shower is brush their wet hair. You may think you are combing out any tangles in your hair, but you are really causing significant damage to it. Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. It stretches more than it should. This causes severe split ends if done on a regular basis.

  • Deep Condition Regularly- At least once a month you should deep condition your hair. There are actually many items in your kitchen you can use to deep condition your hair. One common method is to use warm olive oil for the conditioner. Simply massage the hot oil into your scalp, and let it settle for about half an hour. After the half hour, carefully rinse the olive oil away.

  • Don’t Use Hair Dryer without Protection- It’s no secret that a hair dryer is your hair’s worst enemy. Using it without applying a protective product to your hair can cause significant follicle damage. If you insist on using the hair dryer without a protective hair care product, at least take advantage of the cool air feature many of them now offer.

Severe Split Ends

If you suffer from severe split ends, the above guidelines won’t be effective enough to fully eliminate their occurrence. We suggest using H2-Ion. It’s one of the leading solutions for split ends. H2-Ion actually makes it safe to use your blow dryer again. It uses the heat from the blow dryer to strengthen your hair at its core.