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Split Ends

mend split endsNot only are split ends unattractive, they are also unhealthy for your hair. Split ends are a common problem for both women and men. Up until now, the only way to effectively get rid of split ends was to cut your hair regularly. Thankfully, new treatments are available that will save you from making that costly trip to the salon every other week.

Therapy for Split Ends

repair hair breakage Before we discuss the product that will mend split ends, it’s worth pointing out there are several things you should be doing to limit the occurrence of split ends. Consider these guidelines your therapy for split ends. First, you should never use a hair dryer without having protective product in your hair. Without such a product, the heat will damage your hair and cause split ends. Second, take extra care when drying your hair with a towel. Excessive rubbing with a towel causes friction which dries your hair out. This removes the natural moisturizers from your hair, and the result is split ends.

Lastly, consider limiting the use of your comb. One of the leading causes of split ends is excessive combing. The more you comb your hair, the more worn out your hair becomes. Comb your hair only when needed, and limit the time of your combing sessions.

Mend Split Ends

After implementing the aforementioned guidelines into your daily hair care routine, it’s time to buy a product to supplement this hair maintenance program. H2-Ion was the most effective hair care product we tested. Unlike other split ends treatments which force you to discontinue the use of your hair dryer, H2-Ion turns the hair dryer into an instrumental tool in restoring your hair.

If you want to mend split ends, we believe H2-Ion is the best choice. However, you must always remember that the only way to achieve healthy hair is to use weekly therapy for split ends. This constant attention will result in a healthy, naturally moisturized head of hair.