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Hair Repair for Split Ends

how to repair hair breakageAsk any hairdresser what the most common question they here is, and the answer is bound to be “Is there a hair repair for split ends?” People from every walk of life suffer from split ends. Much to their dismay, they’ve unsuccessfully tried dozens of hair care products that claim to put heal split ends. Unfortunately, these products are typically all talk with no results.

But that’s not to say there are no cures for split ends. We’ve tested several products and home remedies to find there are several things you can do to limit the occurrence of severe hair breakage. Here are a few of the most effective remedies for split ends.

Best Hair Repair for Split Ends

repair hair breakage One type of split ends treatment that has gained popularity lately is homemade conditioner for split ends. There are several types of these home remedies for split ends, but here are the ones we found to be most effective.

  • Hot Olive Oil- One of the best home hair repair for split ends involves the use of hot olive oil. Simply microwave the olive oil to get it warm. Massage the warm olive oil throughout your hair, and let it sit for several minutes. After it has been fully worked in, carefully rinse the olive oil out. Gently dry your hair to complete the procedure.
  • Mayonnaise- This idea isn’t for those who get squeamish easily. Mayonnaise doesn’t have the most appealing smell, but it makes a great conditioner for split ends. Work a handful of mayo through your hair for about five minutes. Then, be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair of all mayonnaise. This can be difficult as the mayo tends to not come out so easily.  

Repair Really Bad Split Ends

For those with really bad split ends, the use of a professional strength hair repair for split ends is necessary. We believe H2-Ion is the best solution for those who seek to repair split ends. This product was specially designed to eliminate hair breakage forever. Use the product daily with your blow dryer to mend your hair back to a healthy condition. It’s the only way to fully repair really bad split ends.