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Repairing Split Ends

products for repairing hair breakageMost people have engaged in a battle with split ends at one time or another. Usually the end result of the battle is a trip to the hair stylist to cut away the split ends. But does cutting away split ends really equate to repairing split ends? To us, it seems like an admission of defeat.

The problem is that for years we’ve been told trimming your hair is the only way to fix split ends. At one time, this was true. The market was, and still is, filled with hair products that didn’t mend split ends like they claimed to. That was then; this is now.

Tips for Repairing Split Ends

repair hair breakage Today, there are many things you can do to fix split ends once and for all. The first step is learning how to prevent split ends. Unless you change some of your hair care habits, you’ll never be able to put those nasty split ends to bed.

One thing you can do to prevent split ends is to stop combing your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is susceptible to excessive stretching, leading to split ends. For this reason, you should dry your hair carefully before you comb it.

This leads to our next hair care tip—take extra care when using a towel to dry your hair. Those who rub their hair forcefully when towel drying are stripping their hair of its natural moisturizers. This creates dry, brittle hair that splits easily.

Products for Repairing Split Ends

As we mentioned earlier, most hair care products simply don’t live up to their bold promises. In fact, many of them actually worsen the problem of split ends.

Thankfully, there are some hair products that don’t cause split ends. Our tests found H2-Ion to be the best split ends repair product. This treatment revives the hair with the heat produced by your blow dryer. Daily use will strengthen your hair, and split ends will be a thing of the past. It’s the best product for repairing split ends on the market.