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Revive Your Heat Damaged Hair with H2Thermal

Rated: 10 out of 10

Bone straight tresses and glossy waves are all the rage these days, making heat styling more popular than ever. But all that heat styling can damage hair. Heat damage shows itself in split ends, frayed cuticles, hair breakage, and that dry, frizzy look and feel. There are tons of factors that contribute to dry, damaged hair--including excessive shampooing, environmental damage and the effects of aging-- heat styling the leading cause of hair breakage. Enough's enough! You hair goes through enough on a day to day basis; H2Thermal to the rescue!

H2Thermal Ingredients

H2ThermalH2Thermal Thermal Activated Hair Repair can help repair heat damage from everyday heat styling. H2 Thermal contains a blend of proven soothing, moisturizing and fortifying ingredients to strengthen and repair hair from the inside out. These ingredients include:

Rosemary Extract increases blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the roots of your hair. This stimulates the hair follicles, promoting thick, healthy hair growth. Rosemary helps prevents hair from falling out and curbs hair breakage caused by brushing and heat styling. It even encourages pigmentation, which keeps grays away and stops new ones from growing. Rosemary allows you to grow strong, healthy hair.

Algae Extract has natural protective properties that can combat damage and breakage caused by heat styling. When applied to the hair, it renews shine, bounce and overall health. Algae extract infuses hair with a high concentration of nutrients and vitamins, providing the foundation for healthy hair growth.

Moisture Infusion Microbeads (MIM) are heat-activated beads that penetrate deep within hair to heal and moisturize each strand from the inside out. The MIM in H2Thermal help deliver moisture deep within the cortex. These microbeads are heat activated, using the very styling implements that usually damage hair to infuse in a healthy shine.

Shea Butter is comprised of fatty acids that moisturize hair and help restore shine. The vitamins and minerals found in shea butter penetrate quickly to repair hair breakage and damage caused by heat styling. Unlike other fatty hair treatments, shea does not leave hair greasy or weigh it down. In addition, it can also help protect against future heat and environmental damage.

Witch Hazel Extract is best known as an astringent and helps keep excess oil away from the scalp. When it's applied to hair, it creates volume and allows for easier heat styling. Witch hazel also can be used to lock in moisture and shine, for healthy looking locks.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein helps keep hair strands strong. The wheat protein found in H2Thermal is hydrolyzed to make the molecules small enough to repair broken protein bonds, making hair smoother and less porous. It also locks in moisture and increases volume for sexy, luxurious locks.

H2 Thermal Results

With H2Thermal, you can heat style your hair without worrying about causing damage; instead, H2Thermal's high-quality natural ingredients restore strength, softness and shine to your heat damaged hair. Just one minute is all it takes to transform hair from dull to glossy. As you continue to use H2Thermal, your hair will become thicker and stronger, and have a healthy shine.

Many hair products on the market contain chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that can cause more damage to your hair in the long run; H2Thermal's carefully selected natural ingredients are proven to help heal heat damage for a full, lustrous head of hair. With heat-activated H2Thermal, you can continue to heat style your hair without sacrificing your strong, beautiful strands. Try H2Thermal today and unlock the secret to gorgeous hair!