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Chemical Hair Breakage

causes of hair breakage Chemical hair breakage is the term used to describe the damage caused by harsh chemicals that are used to style and straighten hair. This condition is common among women who use perms, dyes or relaxers to style their hair. Chemical hair breakage is one of the most prevalent causes of African American hair breakage. These chemicals work wonders and are fine when used in moderation. However, chemical hair breakage can occur when these harsh chemicals are used too frequently or for a prolonged period of time. These chemicals weaken your hair and cause it to become so brittle that it falls out easily.

Treatment for Chemical Hair Breakage

Chemical hair breakage can be treated with a number of solutions. One option is to use protein conditioners on a regular basis. When used regularly, these conditioners strengthen your hair by adding a coating to the outer layers, making your hair more resistant to breakage. The most obvious treatment for chemical hair breakage is to prevent hair breakage from occurring in the first place. It simply involves decreasing the frequency and amount of perms, dyes and relaxers used to treat your hair. When the use of these substances is regulated properly, chemical hair breakage will eventually vanish as newer, healthier hair grows in the place of damaged hair. It may take a few years to see the desired results and hair may continue to break a little using this method, but your hair will eventually be restored.

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What Can I Do About Chemical Hair Breakage Today?

You can take some immediate action toward reversing the effects of chemical hair breakage. Begin by limiting the use of dye, relaxers, and perms to once every 8 to 10 weeks. This gives your hair time to recover form the effects of your last treatment. You can also use protein conditioners to strengthen your hair so it becomes less susceptible to chemical hair breakage. If you want to see fast, results that are long-lasting, we recommend you invest in a product for hair breakage that is scientifically proven to be both safe and effective as a treatment for chemical hair breakage.