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Hair Dryer Breakage

hair dryer A hair dryer can be a girl's best friend along with a curling iron and other heated styling instruments. But these same friends can also become your worst enemy, causing a condition known as hair dryer breakage. This cause of hair breakage is common among women who use hot-air blow dryers, curling irons and other heated instruments to style their hair. Hair dryer breakage is especially common among African American women who use heat and harsh chemicals to treat their hair.

How Does Hair Dryer Breakage Occur?

Hair is made up of three layers: the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. The cuticle is the outer layer which is comprised of dead cells that lie on top of each other like fish scales. The cortex is the middle layer which is made up of long, coiled proteins that comprise the majority of the hair. The medulla is the innermost part of the strand. Hair dryer breakage occurs when heat causes the protective cuticle to become dry and brittle. Fine hair is even more susceptible to hair dryer breakage. Also, wet hair swells and hot air from blow dryers causes hair to swell even more, creating yet another cause of hair breakage.

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How Can I Prevent Hair Dryer Breakage?

The first and most obvious way to prevent hair dryer breakage is by drying your hair with cool air instead of using the hot setting. If you want to still use the hot setting, then use it sparingly or only when curling your hair. Also, when heat-styling, use a leave-in conditioner and hold the blow dryer about four inches form your hair to decrease the likelihood of hair dryer breakage. The best solution is to use a product for hair breakage that works with heat, such as H2 Ion, so you can have the best of heat-styling combined with the best in hair dryer breakage protection.